Shuttle between the Sacramento Airport and Sierra Fiddle camp

Please arrange to arrive in Sacramento on Sat., June 20th no later than 2:30PMThe shuttles to camp will leave the airport for camp at 2:30PM & 3PM, and your flight should arrive at least 30 minutes before the shuttle departure time, to allow time to get your baggage and be ready for pick-up. Camp officially begins at 4PM, with dinner at 7PM followed by orientation and a jam session. The shuttle ride takes just over 1-1/2 hours. It’s really important to arrive at camp early enough to find your housing, complete registration, settle in and be there for dinner.

Leaving camp on Sun., June 28th, you will need to leave camp a minimum of 3 hours from the time you board your plane, so stay away from flights that depart before 10AM. (For international flights, please allow 4 hours or more.) The shuttles will leave camp for the Sacramento airport at 6:45AM and 10AM. We all need to leave camp by 11AM. 

Shuttle Cost: This year the cost for the shuttle will be $50 each way, and $100 for round trip. Please also bring a couple extra dollars to tip the driver.

For campers traveling internationally, please be in contact with me directly. Flying in and out of the San Francisco International Airport may be the best option, and will require special planning. It takes 3-1/2 hours or more to travel from the Bay Area to camp. In some cases, it may be easier to travel the day before and after camp.

Below are the shuttle times. Please note that these times may change slightly as we get closer to camp.

Shuttle to camp on Sat., June 20th, 2020 
Leaves the Sacramento airport at 2:30PM
Leaves the Sacramento airport at 3PM 

Leaving camp on Sun., June 28th, 2020 
Leaves camp for the Sacramento airport at 6:45AM
Leaves camp for the Sacramento airport at 10:00AM 

Below is the information we will need from you. Please send your information using the format in the example below: 

1. Your name(s), and how many of you will be riding the shuttle 
2. A cell phone number you can be reached at while you are traveling 
3. If you can receive and send text messages 
4. Your flight arrival & departure info confirming airport, date, arrival and/or departure times, airline, flight numbers. (Please do not send itineraries, or connecting flight information.) 
5. What luggage you are bringing—how many suitcases and instruments, etc.


1.  Fred & Vicky Viola, 2 passengers
2.  800-555-1212
3. Yes, we can receive texts!
4. Arrive in Sacramento June 15th at 12:30PM: United Airlines Flt.#UA1234
Depart from Sacramento June 23rd at 2:00PM: South West Airlines Flt.#67890
5. 2 suitcases, 1 fiddle, 1 guitar

Please email to confirm your place on the shuttle by May 22nd!  A bit closer to camp you will receive another email confirming which shuttle you will be on, with complete info about arriving at the Sacramento airport and how to meet up with the shuttle there. 

Camp will be really amazing this year, and the excitement is starting to build! In the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions! 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jeannie Ford












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