About Sierra Fiddle Camp

Founded 2006

Sierra Fiddle Camp We gather once again in our inimitable style for a week of intensive study and good times with people who share an interest in the music and dance traditions of Scotland and beyond. In a beautiful setting near Nevada City in northern California, fiddlers and other musicians of all ages and abilities are encouraged to explore their own musical expression and potential in a supportive, non-competitive environment. The camp provides a total immersion experience, with participants and instructors living, learning, jamming and playing together in community. The main teaching focus is on the fiddle, featuring Scottish and related fiddle styles; there are also guitar, cello, keyboard, dance, song, and percussion classes. All classes are taught by ear without written music. Evening activities feature, jamming, dancing and generally uproarious fun; recreational opportunities include swimming, hiking, volleyball and exploring the creek.

Alasdair Fraser, director of the camp, excels in expressing the beauty and energy of traditional Scottish fiddling and in creating exciting new music informed by that tradition. A gifted teacher, Alasdair has inspired legions of accomplished and aspiring musicians through his concerts, recordings, and workshops. At his influential summer camps - the renowned Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling School in California, his fiddle course at Sabhal mor Ostaig Gaelic College on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, Sierra Fiddle Camp, and most recently, Crisol de Cuerda in Spain - Fraser uses the power of music and dance to create and enhance community.

Sierra Fiddle Camp Organizing Committee
The planning committee for 2024 includes Alasdair Fraser, Sally Ashcraft, Connie Muir, Heather Grove, Meghan Perdue, Katie LeSesne, Brian Longmire

Bruce Robinson retired from the committee in 2022 and we wish him well after many years of devoted service to Sierra Fiddle Camp. Jan Bedayn retired from the committee in 2019 and we wish Jan well in her myriad pursuits and thank her for invaluable service to Sierra Fiddle Camp for so many years.




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