Lodging & Facilities

Shady Creek Camp is set in an oak and pine woodland featuring granite outcroppings with sloping terrain leading to a lovely boulder-strewn creek. Trails connect the central dining hall to class areas, accommodations, and a large outdoor swimming pool.

There are three separate, distinctive lodging areas. Rooms sleep 4-8 people. Most beds are twin size, upper and lower bunks; there are a few queen sized beds. Shared bath facilities are adjacent to each area.

Crescent Lodge: Shady Creek's hilltop lodge has large front and rear lawns and two types of rooms: loft rooms with valley views, and suite rooms with sinks.

Mountain Cabins: one-room cabins with sliding glass door onto deck facing pine and oak woodland.

Adobe Dome Cabins: In this clustered hillside village each cabin has a large circular room with domed ceiling and skylight and two alcove sleeping spaces.

Generous, Wholesome Meals

Meals are served buffet and family style in the stunning dining hall and adjacent patio. Shady Creek Camp is committed to offering wholesome and varied meals, with salad bar and vegetarian options.


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